Every journey has a starting point...

We are standing at the threshold of the world. To get to this point has required planning, more planning, throwing out those plans and drawing up new ones.

However, somehow we made it through, and in a little over a week, Jess and I will be jetting off to the continent to engage in the adventure of a lifetime. 10 months of nothing but taking in the culture, history and natural beauty (not to mention the food) of over two dozen countries.

So first, a few housekeeping announcements.

The domain - carbon.cx. This is a domain I have possessed for years. It doesn’t really have any meaning. There is no pseudo-philosophical meaning related to the fact carbon is the basis of all life on earth. It certainly has nothing to do with the name of this blog, which has virtually no meaning in itself. I can’t even remember why I chose carbon.cx, apart from the “cx” part. I chose that because it had an X in it.

The reason I’m using this domain for the blog is simply that it’s not being used for anything else right now, and in the spirit of frugality, it should be put to use.

Secondly, I hope to update this blog weekly. There will be a separate page for each country, and there will be updates to the country page if we are there long enough. The reason I am stating this here and now is to try and make myself accountable. I am notorious for starting a blog, posting perhaps twice before getting bored and then giving up.

-- Thomas, 2014.05.01