The catchup entry...

So, this entry is a little different. Due to time constraints, and quite frankly, lack of energy, this will be all images. I’m currently in Bulgaria, and haven't even started on the Istanbul writeup, so I don’t want to get too far behind. So, I present to you, my favourite images from the few days that we spent in and around London.

-- Thomas, 2015.05.21

British Museum. The horse looks happy.
British Museum.
Same location. This is the Parthenon.
Same location as above. This would have been up the top within the roof section.
Mandatory Abbey Rd shot.
So many stupid tourists.
Baker St station had some unique tiles.
You will bow before me!
My Precious...
I don't like the look he was giving me...
M&M world. Four levels of crappy M&M souveneirs. Such a strange atmosphere. I felt like I was back in the 90s due to all of the bright primary colours. Apologies for photo quality.
Just happened to walk past here.
This was the Natural History Museum. Lot's of Dinosaurs.
He would get along great with the horse I think.
Animatronic T-Rex. A Brit staying in our hostel told us that this used to terrify him as a kid.
[Insert 2001 Space Oddesey reference here]
Cool looking staircase, same location
The geological exhibit was actually the highlight. SO MANY SHINY THINGS.
Transport Museum.
Ditto. Getting really lazy now...
Tower Bridge.
Part of the London Skyline
London Skyline
Skate park